Do you find that you have a hard time falling asleep?

Do you wake up in the morning, but don’t feel refreshed?

Is stress a constant companion in your life?

Do you have a child with emotional or behavioral problems?

Are you constantly jumping from project to project, not able to concentrate on just one thing?

If you’re experiencing these or similar problems, then you’re in the right place!


A one hour consultation includes a form that will ask about your health history, your wellness goals, and what aromas you prefer. This form must be completed and emailed back to me at least 24 hours before your appointment.

An hour meeting with with a Certified Aromatherapist (me!) where we will discuss your health and wellness goals in detail. It is highly recommended that we do this appointment face to face, so you can smell the essential oils. Various essential oils can effect everyone differently, and I want to make sure you love the aroma of the custom blend that will be made for you.

If you do not live near the Wisconsin Rapids area, your consultation can still be done online.

You will also receive a custom blend. Since various essential oils can react to medications, the blend, detailed instructions for use, and other suggestions to help with your wellness goals will be ready 2 days after the consultation. I do extensive research to make sure the blend is the best one for you.

One 10 minute follow up via email to discuss if you have any questions or feedback.

This consultation is REQUIRED for anyone who has medical conditions or is on medication.

One Hour Aromatherapy Consultation with Custom Blend: $70.00


This consultation is for healthy adults wanting to address one of their specific health or wellness goals.

The consultation will be done by a Certified Aromatherapist (me!), online via video chat.

You will receive detailed instructions on how to make the best blend to help with your goal, within a day of your consultation.

If you would prefer, I can make the blend for you at an additional charge.

30 Minute Aromatherapy Consultation: $30.00